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AbouT Aigner Loren Wilson

Aigner Loren Wilson (she/her) is a SFWA, HWA, and Codex writer who writes poetry, nonfiction, and games alongside her fiction. She is a coastal body and has lived on occupied Coast Salish, Cowlitz, Nisqually, and Lenni-Lenape land. Besides writing, Aigner is an avid reader, baker, cook, and hiker. She’s on a speculative fiction cooking journey to experience and craft foods from her favorite fandoms and dishes that look too good to pass up.

Currently, she is writing and editing for herself and others while working on the endless submission grind for her short and long works. For fans, readers, and supporters, Aigner has a readers’ group where she shares links to her latest stories, free reads, early access looks, discounts, and more. Along with the readers’ group she runs, she also hosts an international writing group where she shares professional and in-depth creative writing tips.

Freelance Work

She is a senior fiction editor for Strange Horizons and an associate editor for the Black horror podcast NIGHTLIGHT. Along with her work with Strange Horizons and NIGHTLIGHT, she’s served as guest editor for Apparition Literary’s Contamination issue and Fireside Magazine’s upcoming 2022 winter issues. She’s also been a judge for NYC Midnight’s short story contests.

Aigner writes for Tor Nightfire, Discover Pods, Lightspeed Magazine, and other publications. Her fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Lightspeed Magazine, Vice, and more. Her poetry has been published in FIYAH, Anathema, and more. Her nonfiction can be found in WIRED, The Writer, and many more. Her work has been called evocative, noteworthy, and imaginative and has earned her an honorable mention for the 2019 Otherwise Fellowship Award.

She writes two monthly columns for Discover Pods and Tor Nightfire. Into the Night is a monthly horror short story and poem review series. Radio at the End of the World is a monthly audio drama and fiction podcast roundup series.

For publications, authors, or businesses looking to work with Aigner, contact her through her business site, Haus of Three Crows, for rates, availability, and opportunities.

Masterclasses in Writing and Editing

With years of experience as both a professional writer and editor, Aigner teaches several masterclasses for writers of all levels. There are in-depth classes in how to sell more of your writing and work with top paying publications. Aigner shares insider tips and gives direct help and insight into where authors should send their work and updates the course quarterly to match open submission calls and new trends in publishing.

She also offers a couple of masterclasses in novel writing and editing. Aigner will teach you how to craft your unique novel in a way that is strategic, artful, and informed. And for writers who have already completed their novel, there is a class in how to self-edit a novel, where Aigner gives students all the tools they need to turn their novel into a publishable work of art.

Books and Games

Aigner is the author of the science fiction and fantasy short story collection Plagued Company & Other Stories and the horror poetry collection to be haunted. She’s also the writer and designer of the games the Nightmare House, an interactive haunted house novella and the science fiction puzzle game Take Me Home. If you’re an active gaming streamer who’s interested in a free copy for an honest review and play-through, shoot Aigner an email! Same for any book reviewers.

All of her fiction, poems, and games straddle the barrier between literary and speculative fiction. More than anything, Aigner wants to entertain and engage her readers through exciting and original storylines loaded with themes of friendship, home, and self that the reader can carry away from the page.

Her queer dark science fiction near-future thriller, Out of the Machine, dealing with themes and issues of family, imprisonment, friendship, and freewill played out across an expansive city is currently doing the query rounds in search of an agent. While that is just beginning its journey, she’s written and published a mess of work available for purchase and is working on her next few novels.

Where to Find Aigner

You can find Aigner active in her reader and writing group, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Instagram. She’s also the founder and leader of the Olympia Speculative Fiction Writers’ Group for local writers living in or around Olympia, WA. To leave her a note or get in contact with her, use the contact form on this site.

What is Byline or By Crook?

Byline or By Crook is a bit of a writer’s joke. I’ll either make the papers with my writing or through other nefarious exploits.

But jokes aside, this is my(Aigner) author website for fans of my work and writers looking to level up their career. There are resources for writers in the blog section, links to my published work, and more.

Explore, have fun, and consider dropping me a line to say hey!

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Plagued Company

Hopeful, strange, and, at times, funny, the speculative stories in Plagued Company & Other Stories cover themes of home and the pain it can sometimes bring and the dire situations our desires can get us into.

Readers can find queer relationships and queer people throughout the entire collection—both good and bad and some that exist in the in-between. Inside this debut short story collection, there’s a science fiction short story that deals with the ways of love and self in the future; a fantasy about a woman who must return home to take over her family’s magical hair salon; a fairy tale about a person who slowly turns into stone before their abusive and unsupportive family; and a fantasy about a child of the road finding home in an unlikely place. There is also a fantasy novelette included about a sentient body of armor and the occupant who resides within them.

Featuring a wide range of themes and genres, Plagued Company & Other Stories takes readers through the sprawled and knotted woods where the uncanny meets the real.

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