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Aigner Loren Wilson (she/her) is a professional speculative fiction writer and editor who writes poetry, nonfiction, games, and fiction. She serves as a senior fiction editor at Strange Horizons and has guest-edited issues of Fireside Fiction and Apparition Literary Magazine. She is a 2019 Otherwise Fellowship honorable mention, and her work has appeared in Tordotcom, FIYAH, Lightspeed, The Writer, and more. Below you can find her published books, games, and anthologies.

For more of her work, check out her shorter published work tab. There’s also a very active blog with author updates, writing resources, and more! And to learn more about her, read her bio.

to be haunted

to be haunted by Aigner Loren Wilson is a horror poetry collection that speaks of the darkness lurking beneath, above, and all around. Focusing on her youth and moments in her life that have truly scared her, Wilson writes of home, race, beauty, loss, growth, and remembrance. Each poem a love letter to her shadows, demons, and the things that leave scars inside and out. It’s a collection both personal and scary, touching and frightening.

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Plagued Company

Hopeful, strange, and, at times, funny, the speculative stories in Plagued Company & Other Stories cover themes of home and the pain it can sometimes bring and the dire situations our desires can get us into. Readers can find queer relationships and queer people throughout the entire collection—both good and bad and some that exist in the in-between. Inside this debut short story collection, there’s a science fiction short story that deals with the ways of love and self in the future; a fantasy about a woman who must return home to take over her family’s magical hair salon; a fairy tale about a person who slowly turns into stone before their abusive and unsupportive family; and a fantasy about a child of the road finding home in an unlikely place. There is also a fantasy novelette included about a sentient body of armor and the occupant who resides within them.

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The Nightmare House

For fans of Channel Zero, Black Mirror, and Shirley Jackson’s Haunting of Hill House. The Nightmare House is a blend of literary and psychological horror where death is only the beginning of the game.

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Take Me Home

Similar to works like ‘Meat and Salt and Sparks’ by Rich Larson and Dark MatterTake Me Home is a literary text-based interactive science fiction story game. You control what happens aboard the ship and steer the sometimes funny, bleak, and touching story.

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Beyond Ballyhoo: Circus Themed Speculative Fiction

Eight speculative fiction authors share their tales of Carnivals. These stories explore the real-world phenomena of the 1920s with horror, supernatural, and fantasy twists. What did the Miami Hurricane ’26 really blow in? What if it wasn’t really an elephant that rampaged through Portland in May of ’22? Find out these and many more alternative explanations to the strange goings-on America between recovering from the 1918 influenza pandemic and just before the stock market crash of 1929.

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