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Aigner Loren Wilson is a SFWA, HWA, and Codex writer who hails from the Lenapehoking coast. She writes poetry, nonfiction, in-game stories, and fiction. Aigner is an associate editor and copy editor for the award-winning magazine Strange Horizons and horror podcast Nightlight; a writer for Oly Arts, Discover Pods, and other publications; and a judge for the international writing contest NYC Midnight. She is an Otherwise Fellowship honorable mention for 2019, and her work appears in Arsenika, Terraform, Rue Morgue, and more. Her work has been called evocative, noteworthy, and imaginative. Currently, she is writing and editing for herself and others while working on the endless submission grind for her short and long works.

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Last update: 12/2020


Christine– a poem inspired by the Parker-Hulme Murder.

Phantom– an acrostic poem about possession.


Finding a Sense of Belonging Through Writing Communities: an article on local writing communities that are holding steady through the pandemic by being online.

Is it Demons or Bad Pipes: Review of Evil’s 1st Season: review for Tor Nightfire of the TV show Evil.

Word Matters Review: a review I wrote of the Word Matters Podcast for Discover Pods.

Jonah Barrett and the Race to a Debut: article highlighting a local writers kickstarter to fund their debut short story collection.

We Are Not Entertaineda writing craft article about what I’ve learned as a slush reader and judge about what keeps stories from being accepted and how to fix those issues in your own stories.

An Oasis of Soundarticle highlighting a local musical collaboration aimed to bring live classical music into people’s homes.

Correspondence from the Love Undergroundside writing project revolving around dating, sexuality, romance, and love.

Seven Black Women You’d Want on Your Side in a Horror Movielist article about black women in horror.

LGBTIcareer website that I am the lead article writer for.

Where to Find Christmas Lights in Olympia and Surrounding Areas– article for Thurstontalk featuring the best lights around town.

Oly Eats Food Tours Allows Locals and Visitors to Take A Bite Out Of Olympia– business article highlighting an Olympia food tour company.

Oly Old Time Festival: An Interview with the Sassafras Sisters– interview with band the Sassafras Sisters. 

Tacoma Art Museum Receives First Arts Education Grant in Ten Years– article on Tacoma Art Museum’s recent grant win and recent exhibits.

10 Podcasts for the Queer Community and Their Allies–  a collection of podcasts by queer people and for queer people that ranges from gay sports podcasts to queer fantasy audio dramas. 

An Interview with the 2020 Country Dance World Champion Maddie Bee– an interview I did with the 2020 Country Dance World Champion.

Two Local Visual Artists Selected for Virtual Coronavirus Exhibits– article showcasing artists Benjamin Saucier and Caelin Lee virtual exhibitions. 


Unwantedsscience fiction story where a homeless man reaches out to his estranged daughter to help him solve a haunting.

Dead Children Stop Playing for Ungrateful Audiences- horror story written like a news article reporting on a haunting.

A Crisis– science fiction story that reflects on the difficulties of the future and self.

Game Writing

What Would You Do- In and Out fantasy card game similar to Apples to Apples. 

VocaTales– vocabulary building game where I wrote micro stories for in-game play.


Null(Void) by MultiMind– fiction story that about a broken world.

Review of Carnival Row by Vajra Chandrasekera– review article about the new Amazon show ‘Carnival Row’.

The Test by Sylvain Neuvel a review by Mark Granger– review article about a novel featuring a citizenship test that takes things to the extreme.

Soft Science by Franny Choi a review by Lesley Wheeler– review article about a poetry book featuring science fiction elements and themes to express complicated issues such as identity, language, and gender.

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Say something. Anything. I want to hear it. If it’s about my writing, great; if not, also great. Just give me your words.

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