Writing Life Updates: July 2022

I've been spending my time doing a lot of career planning and looking to the future. The question on my mind is: this time next year, where do I want to be? The answers I've been chewing on are the steps and moves I need to make to get to that dream writer-self by July 2023. I do this type of thinking/planning every year and whether or not I get the thing I want, I always end up in a better place than where I started with opportunities crawling out of the woodwork. But how do I build on that to make sure my career and craft are constantly growing?

Oh! Look What I Found!—Holes and Readers

I haven't been researching anything exciting for work the past few weeks. My job has me doing a lot of research, but not on anything you fine reader would be interested in reading about. It's all boring business formation and state statures. Exciting to me, but not too many people. So, instead, I'll give you an update on the book process and where I'm at with my editing and nailing down the hard part of the story.