Contamination-Apparition Lit: Give Me Your Words

Since accepting the role as guest editor for Apparition Lit's Contamination Issue, I've been thinking a lot about what contamination means. Not just that, but how it can show up in stories and poems. Apart of my role as editor, I believe, is to help give you an idea of how best to navigate getting … Continue reading Contamination-Apparition Lit: Give Me Your Words

Cover image for How I Use Writing Prompts to Help Me Be a Better Writer by Aigner Loren Wilson. A Black person with long braids sitting at a desk looking through a book. Over the picture of the person are the words smart writer.

How I Use Writing Prompts to Make Me a Better Writer

After doing these types of writing prompts for months, I started selling being able to sell stories to publications, self-published authors, game developers, children’s publishers, and more.

8 Dialogue Hacks to Show Character Development in Your Fiction

Learn how to write engaging dialogue that also shows character development without losing the spark of the story.

9 Tips to Writing Arguments in Fiction

The question and subject of this article is how do we use these gripping moments to deliver information, story progress, and motivation while not sapping all of the energy from the argument.