Writer’s Craft 3.0 Deal ends in 7 days

Whether you’re an absolute beginner looking for the best way to get your first story out of your head and onto the blank page. Or you’re an established author who wants to continue to level up your writing and see the huge potential of serialization. The Writer's Craft 3.0 has literally everything you need!

Writer’s Craft 3.0

Infostack's latest writing bundle Writer's Craft 3.0 including me, J. Thorn, Rachael Herron, and 30+ other professional writers, agents, editors, and publishers goes live this Tuesday the 23rd. We'll all be sharing over $6,000 in classes, books, and software for just $50 bucks. 

October Author’s Life Update

What I've been working on, learning, and publishing over the past couple of months.