“It’s a funny thing, this skin we are given. A skin made to tare, break, blister and bleed. But the skin of a service android is more resilient than that. You can’t tare or break or scar or rip the skin off one of our competitors’ splendid beauties, and yet there it remains for no reason other than to remind you of your own fragile existence. But think about it, skin has caused wars, led to violence, and made many feel like prisoners living in their own bodies.

“Our creations are made without skin so that you, the consumer, are constantly aware of the fact that this walking, talking bot is not like you, though it may sound similar to a human in its speech patterns due to the tireless work of our writing team, this machine is simply that, a machine. It does not feel or want or care or demand a thing from you other than your absolute comfort.

“At the end of the day, you should put all your service and shopping needs into the dedicated and skinless hands of a Safeco service droid. And remember folks, the skin is what separates us from them.”

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