2020 Writing Goals- March 15 update

Like the title of the post says, these are all of writing goals. I have more personal life goals that I set and want to achieve, but these are the ones related to my professional career.

  1. Sell 15 pieces
    1. So, to date, I’ve sold about 20 stories. You can check some of them out over on my credits page. March 15 update.
  2. Teach a workshop, class, or course
    1. I have several classes and workshops planned out for the next few months. They are on hold at the moment due to Covid-9 and Social Distancing. You can check for updates to those over on my classes page. March 15 update.
  3. Put 10 stories on Amazon for sale
    1. Instead of putting 10 stories up on Amazon, I’ve been working with an already established author helping produce stories for their Amazon author page. March 15 update.
  4. Serialize ‘Spun’ on this site
    1. There was a chance that I would start planning and plotting this book later this month, but am behind on my planned timelines for Out of the Machine and Monsters I have Known. So, I’ve decided to push this back until after either one of them is done and moved to the next stage in its development. March 15 update.
  5. Query + Sell ‘Out of the Machine’
    1. I’m still in the editing stage of Out of the Machine, and it’s nowhere near querying level. March 15 update.
  6. Write + Finish final draft of ‘Monsters I Have Known’
    1. Still in the first chapter, though I have crossed 60,000 words….only 100,000 more to go. March 15 update.
  7. Apply to MFA programs
    1. Honestly, I’m on the fence about this being a thing that I should do. I’ll explore this in a later post. March 15 update.
  8. Apply to Clarion West
    1. Sent off my application back in February and am waiting/suffering to hear a response. March 15 update.
  9. Find a literary agent
    1. There’s a couple that I have saved for when I’m ready to send stuff out. Now, I just have to decide what book I want to send out to agents. March 15 update.
  10. Get at least $100 from Patreon a month
    1. Slowly building this up. Right now I’m at 40! So, close. March 15 update.
    2. Got a new job that pays me well, so I suspended my Patreon for the time being and made everything free on there April 8 update

Some of these I’m pretty much already part way through or have gotten a head start on in this last month so am on target to completing a lot of these goals. Here’s to 2020 and the end to a decade.

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