Touching Base

I fell behind on posting here and some other social spaces because things in the world at large and small have gone the way of the birds. Things are flighty and all over the place. Fear has crept into my work and life that at times feels like cement weights on my hands.

With what time, energy, and breath I have, I’ve been putting time into working on a new contract that I just signed. After what happened with SafePlace and their racist treatment of me, I’ve been taking things slowly and with little trust. It’s getting close to a point where I feel I can rest soon and begin to redirect focus from other people’s work to my own work. Out of the Machine has fallen way behind in all of my plans and deadlines for it. I’m still working on it, but at a much slower pace. 

I’ll be changing that soon because it means a lot to me, and I know the things that are happening in it to the characters are important to what is happening to us as people right now. 

Small victories feel like winning the gold, however. Even though the issues that happened at SafePlace knocked me down emotionally, I was still able to lock down contracts and write pieces for publication. I’m still able to live and go. It’s not as easy as it once was. I don’t feel like the powerhouse I used to be, but the fact that I’m still going makes me happy.

Some nights and mornings it’s hard to focus on my work while the world burns, but I force myself to because all the fires are why I want to write the stories that I do. I want to show a world that could be made from the ashes. I want to show growth through struggle and POC characters being stars in their own right. I want to show the power of community over the tyrants of fear. 

I want to show the world a better place through change, growth, and a little bit of weird. 

Through all of this, I keep forgetting and remembering to touch base with myself. To ask how I am doing. Things are going on in my career and life that are major and monumental for me. It’s hard to directly describe it, but things are happening for me that I’ve been working so hard for. One of the things is that I’ve recently registered my business and am officially an LLC. Right now, it just covers my writing and editing services, but I want to branch out and encompass more so that as I grow, my business grows with me. 

I’ve also set up an e-newsletter for people to keep up to date with where I’m publishing and what I’ve got going on. You can sign up for it below.

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I hope as you read this you to feel the weight of what I speak and know that there is a need for your words and stories. I need them. You need them. And someone you have never met needs them the most.



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