Writing Life Updates: End of 2022

Monthly check-ins are easy to do, but year-end wrap-ups are hard. I write and publish a lot in various markets, so it's not as though I don't have links to share. It's just that when I look back over my year, the amount of stories I've sold and how much I've published is only a small part of my writing career. More happens behind the scenes than I think I will ever fully share.

Writing Life Updates: July 2022

I've been spending my time doing a lot of career planning and looking to the future. The question on my mind is: this time next year, where do I want to be? The answers I've been chewing on are the steps and moves I need to make to get to that dream writer-self by July 2023. I do this type of thinking/planning every year and whether or not I get the thing I want, I always end up in a better place than where I started with opportunities crawling out of the woodwork. But how do I build on that to make sure my career and craft are constantly growing?