Writing Life Updates: End of 2022

Life update: I’ve taken a bit of a bread break over the past couple of months as life has been hectic, and my focus has changed. I still love bread; just don’t have much of the same time as I did. Hoping to bring it back next year. I did make some red velvet cinnamon roll guts for Halloween that were amazing!

Author Life News

Monthly check-ins are easy to do, but year-end wrap-ups are hard. I write and publish a lot in various places, so it’s not as though I don’t have links to share. It’s just that when I look back over my year, the amount of stories I’ve sold and how much I’ve published is only a small part of my writing career. More happens behind the scenes than I think I will ever fully share.

Have I learned anything? Have I grown? Am I writing stories that are different than the stories I wrote a year ago? Do I feel successful and right in my intentions?

Those are the questions and topics I tend to think about when looking back.

Yes, I’ve learned things, so many things my brain swims and my fingers fly. I’ve learned I can write over 3,000 words in an hour. I can write a book in a week. I can juggle being an editor and writer for multiple publications and companies without losing my burning spark for writing and stories. I’ve learned there’s really nothing I’d rather do than write stories.

Recently, I’ve been finding success and some small recognition, but what I really feel is a control and confidence in my craft I’ve never felt.

While I spent a bunch of time reading as both a reviewer, editor, and lover of books who is in 2 book clubs, there is still a huge part of me that feels I haven’t read enough. Some of the books that have stuck out for me, though, are:

This was the first year my stories have ended up on award-recommended reading lists. Both The Black and White and To Carve Home in Your Bones ended up on the reading list. Who knows if they’ll end up on the finalist list. I sure hope so, but also, it’s a big dream. Even a bunch of the stories I had the pleasure of editing ended up on a few recommended lists.

2022 has felt like my first full year as an editor at a prominent magazine, even though I actually started in 2021 with Fireside and Apparition Literary. It’s been really fulfilling to work with the writers I’ve had a chance to! I care a lot about story and writing and to be able to work with some wildly talented speculative fiction writers has shown me things that still have me grinning.

You can check out my 2022 intentions and goals to see how I faired at everything I sat out to do this year. TLDR: I accomplished everything I wanted to! Happy to see 2022 off as another great year where I feel like I didn’t just spin my wheels but I progressed in my career, skills, and community.

While I wanted to have an agent and book deal by 2021, I’m sad to say I’m ending 2022 with no such agent and no such book deal. But! I got a full-request from a dream publisher a couple weeks back and have a few more queries and submissions out with publishers and agents. I’m hoping it turns into something, but even if it doesn’t the two books I’ve written and sent out on query are still really important to me.

The feedback I’ve gotten from agents, editors, and readers gives me faith in my projects. If no one takes a bite out of my books, my plan is to revisit them in the coming years, while working on new book projects. I’ll either publish them in a series of post on this site or try and send them back out on query with my second row of agents I haven’t queried after revising the manuscripts.

I sat out to edit through my stories from the past couple of years and am astounded how well that worked. I sold about 6 stories this year and each of them was a story I edited and revamped this year. With little stories left in my edit folder, I’ll start writing new stories next year while working on rewrites of bigger editing projects.

Full List of All My 2022 Published Work

I wanted to give space to both my writing and editing work, so I split the list into two. If you only have time to read some stories, I suggest checking out those authors and stories! I also included links to my blog posts on my writing site, At Home Pro Writers. All and all, I’ve worked on 82 stories!

Writing Work

  1. Describing Body Language in Your Fiction
  2. Replacing Sense Words in Your Writing
  3. Evoking Reader Emotion in Your Fiction
  4. Our Favorite Horror Audio Drama Podcasts
  5. What is a Scene?
  6. Into the Night: Best Horror Short Fiction and Poetry 2021
  7. Book Review: Tade Thompson’s Far from the Light of Heaven
  8. How to Captivate Readers on the Scene Level
  9. The Ultimate Guide to Character Creation
  10. Radio at the End of the World December 2021
  11. Double Duty: Showing Character Development Through Dialogue
  12. Interior World of Characters
  13. Character Action
  14. Indirect and Direct Characterization
  15. Into the Night January 2022 Best Horror Short Fiction and Poetry
  16. 12 Great Science Fiction Podcasts
  17. 20 Best True Crime Podcasts (Beyond Serial and S-Town)
  18. Book Review for She Who Became the Sun
  19. Book Review: The Blood Trials by N.E. Davenport
  20. Dialogue as Exposition
  21. Developing Our Characters’ Voices
  22. Into the Night March 2022 Best Horror Short Fiction and Poetry
  23. Finding Our Characters’ Voices
  24. Physically Describing Our Characters
  25. 10 Best Motivational Podcasts
  26. 21 Best Business Podcasts
  27. Book Review: Siren Queen, by Nghi Vo
  28. Into the Night: March 2022’s Best Horror Short Fiction and Poetry
  29. Writing Prompts that Teach: Prompts to Help Writers Incorporate Technology into Their Fiction
  30. How to Get Out of the Slush Pile
  31. Descriptive Writing to World Build
  32. Descriptive Writing in Dialogue
  33. Descriptive Writing
  34. Our Favorite Horror Audio Drama Podcasts
  35. Book Review: The Ballad of Perilous Graves, by Alex Jennings
  36. It Came Gently
  37. Enhancing Your Themes and Thematic Statement
  38. Finding Your Story’s Themes
  39. Finding Your Story’s Thematic Statement
  40. Themes and Thematic Statement
  41. Book Review: Light From Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki
  42. Book Review: Gearbreakers, by Zoe Hana Mikuta
  43. Are You in the Wrong Writing Group?
  44. Into the Night May 2022 Horror Short Fiction and Poetry Recs
  45. Into the Night June 2022 Horror Short Fiction and Poetry Recs
  46. Using Microtension in Your Writing
  47. Workshops for Writers: Career Planning
  48. Workshops for Writers: Using Theme and Thematic Statements in Fiction
  49. Workshops for Writers: Endings
  50. Building Tension in a Story
  51. The Difference Between Tension and Anticipation
  52. Book Review: The All-Consuming World, by Cassandra Khaw
  53. Types of Conflict
  54. Workshops for Writers: Creative Intent
  55. Book Review: She and Her Cat, by Makoto Shinkai, translated by Naruki Nagakawa 
  56. How to Write Thematic Horror: A guide to successfully weaving themes into your spine-chilling fiction
  57. Book Review: The Chosen and The Beautiful by Nghi Vo
  58. The Black and White 
  59. To Carve Home in Your Bones

Editing Work

  1. My Body by J. S. Jordan
  2. The Night the River Meets the Sky by Lina Rather
  3. Song of the Balsa Wood Bird by Katherine Quevedo
  4. Sheer in the Sun, They Pass by Hester J. Rook
  5. Mother Tongue by Atreyee Gupta
  6. Seen Small Through Glass by Premee Mohamed
  7. Oversharing by R.J. Theodore
  8. Not a Basking Shark by Hesper Leveret
  9. The Book of the Blacksmiths by Martin Cahill
  10. Annunciation by P. Akasaka
  11. What Anger Builds and Breaks by Devin Miller
  12. Since He Came Back by Lindsay King-Miller
  13. Stars Above Eos by M. Darusha Wehm
  14. Give My Body to the Moths by Riley Neither
  15. We are the Thing that Lives on the Moon by Gillian Secord
  16. A Message From Her Feline Self, Unborn, to Her Cousin, Whose Ancestors Were Once Wolves by Jessica Cho
  17. Heavy Possessions by Seoung Kim
  18. Bonesoup by Eugenia Triantafyllou
  19. Spirochete by Anneke Schwob
  20. The Poltergeist Rose: An Instructional Guide by J.G. Lynas
  21. Born from the Drowning Forest by James Rowland
  22. 12 Things a Trini Should Know Before Travelling to a Back in Times Fete by R. S. A. Garcia
  23. A Love Letter Written at the Heat Death of the Universe by Aimee Ogden

On top of the 82 stories I published, I also wrote a new book, 23 new short stories, and started my MFA process!

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    we have never met but CONGRATULATIONS and i am now Extra Inspired


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