Cover image for 3 Things I Did to Prepare for My Writing Career by Aigner Loren Wilson. A Black woman with short hair sitting at a desk in front of a computer with a cup of tea in a white mug.

3 Steps I Took To Achieve My Writing Career

I am going to break down how I went from being an average writer to a selling and creating powerhouse of a writer.

8 Dialogue Hacks to Show Character Development in Your Fiction

Learn how to write engaging dialogue that also shows character development without losing the spark of the story.

9 Tips to Writing Arguments in Fiction

The question and subject of this article is how do we use these gripping moments to deliver information, story progress, and motivation while not sapping all of the energy from the argument.

Story Elements of Fiction

These are starter points for plotting out a story, but in no way are they rules. Most stories will however fall into these because these elements were taken from various forms of story whether in games, movies, short fiction, long fiction, etc.