WIP it good

This year, I want to go for the gold, or at least the silver, when it comes to my writing. My aim is to sell more and write more. My golden achievement of the year would be able to move to full-time writing, i.e. all of my income comes from writing, by the beginning of 2020 or at least be halfway there by the end of 2019.

There’s a lot I have to do to get there. But first things first, I have to create. And create some more. Then somewhere in all the creation, I have to destroy so that my creation may grow strong.

I’m actively working on three projects at the moment that are all in different stages of creation or destruction.

One of them is a finished novel at just around 42,000 words that I am reading through and editing up so that I can submit it toward the James Jones First Novel Fellowship that closes up in a couple of months. There is another novel that I’m hoping to finish up by the end of March that is looking to be about 70,000 words or so. I don’t have any ideas of where I’d send it at the moment. And just this past week, I’ve taken up the challenge of coming up with a story for the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Contest.

I want to explore each of these projects more in-depth in another post at a later date when I’m not so charged and sleepy and wanting of curry.

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