My past, present, and future

I’ve toyed with the idea of making a writing or writer’s blog for a couple of years now but felt like I did not have enough “stuff” to do it. My mindset was along the lines of: ‘who cares?’, ‘what would I even write about?’, ‘I have so much stuff to write, another blog would just get in the way’.

Then I started selling pieces and getting the attention of editors and writers that I admire. Some of them have sites, and some of their sites have these amazingly human blogs about the stuff that’s going on in their lives.

I don’t know their personal reasons for starting their blogs, but reading them has in a way demystified the whole writer mystery surrounding them. It makes being a writer easier to do or be.

There was this story in Strange Horizons that rocked my boots. After I finished, I went to their website to see what other stories they had out there and instead stumbled upon a delightful blog. It made the story more magical knowing that someone very normal worked very hard to put together something that touched me through the screen.

Also, many of the writer’s sites that I enjoy talk about two things: personal life silliness and writing life tidbits, so I’m going to take their lead and do the same here. A lot of the posts will be about what I’m working on, cookies, where I’m submitting, and other random brain garbage.

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