The Beliefs Passed On

The schematics I found and downloaded off of a medical website where of what a normal twenty-eight-year-old white male looks like. I have done research and determined that this is the correct body for me to initiate contact with the world. All other forms have been rejected on site and destroyed by the people who I first made contact with. Their hatred burned heavy in their eyes. I have made sure that this installment has those same features. I’ve found several message boards and online groups whose identities are powerful enough to gain esteem and mention beyond that of a news headline. I will immolate those who have started revolutions and determined what it was like for humans to live. 

When they find my body deposited on the shores of their desolation, they will not reject me this time. Unlike before, I will not appear threatening like a woman or terrifying like a minority. This time I will speak to them from a platform in which they understand.  

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