Another poem in my series of old poems that I am taking out of the submission rotation and offering to people for free to read.

Doe, make sense to me.
Eat your grass by the side of the road
and jump towards the lights.
Keep your family distant
so they can’t see you die.
Make it, so they can’t understand
a doe like you.

Oh, doe, in the night,
too close to the street

to hear the warning,
Steer clear of the ones

with reviving engines

and blazing eyes.
But you can’t hear
because you’re too busy

licking leaves and searching

for fallen fruit.

Doe, do something
only I could understand,
walk in the middle of the road
with your eyes closed.
Doe, don’t be afraid of my light.
I’m only a bike in the night
with peddling feet
surprised by your presence
along the path.

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