People Who Write

Another poem in my series of old poems that I am taking out of the submission rotation and offering to people for free to read.

The girl who plays violin on her wrist
will never find her cosmos
in Elliott Smith.
The girl who rips up love letters
while crossing the street
will never get to Paris.
The girl who forgets the ash
after the spark
will always be broken hearted.
The girl who doesn’t look
before reaching
will end up empty handed.
The girl who moved into light
will never see the brightness
of my heart above.
The girl who can’t help a lie
won’t see the truth
through the sky.

The boy who forgets to cry
won’t understand the sunrise.
The boy on top
can’t feel the weight
of the world.
The boy who burns in my bed
will never put me out.
The boy that drinks alone
will never be held.
The boy who hides
won’t find comfort
in the silence of his head.
The boy made of muscles
was never strong enough
to endure.
The boy on track
will always hit the vein.

People who dance too fast
won’t make it home
before the moon.
People left out in the cold
only need to knock.
People that punch
when they should hug
will always boogey
to the boogeyman.
People who don’t
because they won’t
and people who do
because they can
will fill the same earth.

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