2021 Writing Goals

Since I started this site a couple years back, I’ve posted my goals for the new year and gone back through to update people on my progress. Last year, I kept up with that until March. That’s when my state went into its first lock down and things got really wild for me both in a good way and in a bad way.

I want to return to that tradition and post my goals here for accountability, but more for the writer who is starting out and wants to watch charted progress of how someone went about doing it.

  1. Finish Out of the Machine
  2. Query Out of the Machine
  3. Get $3,000 from pre-order sales of my classes, stories, and games
  4. Release my writing courses
  5. Release speciality stories and games
  6. Garner $10,000 in sales from my shop
  7. Write, edit, and submit Winter’s Child
  8. Sell 50 pieces
  9. Grow email subscribers to 1,000
  10. Edit and release poetry chapbook
  11. Launch Haus of Three Crows LLC website
  12. $100 minimum a month from Medium

I have more goals on my list, but these are my writing specific goals.

Success! You're on the list.

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