2021 Writing Recap

I honestly don’t know what to say about this year besides that it was grand—a literal dreamwalk through my wants and desires. I accomplished, worked on, and did a shit ton of work over the past year. Writing it down in a list form like below helped me see just how much I’ve accomplished and where my efforts went. Even though I didn’t accomplish all I set out to do this year, I still learned so much from where I failed.

I could probably go on about this year, but I don’t want to or maybe don’t have the time.

Onward and forward or whatever.

2022 may look like this or it may be a much smaller list of accomplishments, but my hope is that I keep publishing consistently (and so far, I will be with over 24 pieces slated for publication over the upcoming months).

In the next couple of weeks, I should have a 2022 yearly goal post up that followers can use to keep track of what all I’m working on over the year. If you aren’t already following me, my blog, and my journey, consider subscribing via email on the side to get weekly updates of where and what I’m publishing, working on, and discovering.

  1. Finished editing Out of the Machine
  2. Went out on query
  3. Got 2 full requests from editors
  4. Started working with Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment
  5. Have been getting more referals and business
  6. I got published in an anthology
  7. Had a short story turned into an audio drama
  8. Facebook author page
  9. Edited 4 magazines
  10. Got a new monthly column-Into the Night
  11. Started writing reviews for Lightspeed Magazine
  12. Sold over 70 stories
  13. Got published by Tordotcom, Lightspeed, FIYAH, The Writer
  14. Sold pieces to Writer’s Digest
  15. Began learning Unity and C#
  16. Setup my business website for Haus of Three Crows
  17. Started 2 newsletters
  18. Was invited to partake in Infostack’s Writer’s Craft 3.0
  19. Did a virtual reading from both my poetry and short story collections
  20. Became a senior fiction editor at Strange Horizons
  21. Learned how to code in Twine
  22. Created 3 creative writing masterclasses
  23. Wrote and published 2 games
  24. Compiled and edited 2 collections of my work
  25. Was nominated for a Hugo for the work I did with Strange Horizons
  26. Went on a solo writing retreat in the mountains
  27. Broke into 6 dream publications
  28. Narrowed downed MFA programs I want to apply to in the next couple of years

3 thoughts on “2021 Writing Recap

  1. Holy crap, you’re a senior editor at Strange Horizons? And got published by Tor? You’re a freaking inspiration! And that’s just a couple I’m picking off your list. I’m so glad I followed you. Thanks for lighting a fire under my ass. Now I know what to aspire to in 2022. Thanks for this, and wishing you a continuous upward journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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