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Last update: 10/2021


Christinea poem inspired by the Parker-Hulme Murder. (The Five-2)

Phantoman acrostic poem about possession. (Arsenika)

Demon at My Windowpoem about a little girl capturing a demon. (FIYAH)

Come to Medialogue between a space cadet and planet. (Anathema Spec from the Margins)


Unwantedsscience fiction story where a homeless man reaches out to his estranged daughter to help him solve a haunting. (NIGHTLIGHT)

Dead Children Stop Playing for Ungrateful Audiences- horror story written like a news article reporting on a haunting. (NIGHTLIGHT)

Pew Pewdark gay sci-fi story about two friends who play video games as a way of coping. (The Ghostlight Theater)

A Crisisscience fiction story that reflects on the difficulties of the future and self. (Vice)

Lucky Number 8dark science fiction story about a young man searching for the ghost of his dead brother in the stars while battling racism and homophobia in 1950s New Jersey. (Beyond Ballyhoo: Carnival Themed Speculative Fiction)

Select Nonfiction

Cozy Management Games Remind Us How to Carea reported article with interviews from narrative designers and an art director behind several triple A games, asking and answering the question what is it about cozy management games and their ability to teach us how to care. (WIRED)

Upgrade Your Writing Business in 2021 with These Podcastsa roundup of podcasts to help writers level up their craft and business. (Discover Pods)

Interview with Editor, Writer, and Producer Tonia Ransoman interview with producer of NIGHTLIGHT: A Horror Podcast Tonia Ransom. (Tor Nightfire)

The Heartbeat of Horroran interview with horror writer Cass Khaw. (Tor Nightfire)

Does She Make You Scream? a write up of the term horror babe and what it means for the horror genre. (Tor Nightfire)

10 Best Horror Poetry Collections of 2020roundup of horror poetry collections published in 2020. (Discover Pods)

Your Guide to Africanfuturist Science Fictiona primer for the africanfuturist literature published in Tordotcom. (

Finding a Sense of Belonging Through Writing Communitiesan article on local writing communities that are holding steady through the pandemic by being online. (Oly Arts)

We Are Not Entertaineda writing craft article about what I’ve learned as a slush reader and judge about what keeps stories from being accepted and how to fix those issues in your own stories. (Cat Rambo Blog)

A Complete Self-Editing Guide for the Successful Writeran in-depth guide to self-editing fiction and nonfiction novels for professional publication. (Better Humans)

100+ Writing Related Articlesa collection of all my writing tutorials available for free on Medium. (various Medium publications)