Compiling a Collection of Oddities and Hauntings

The day is almost here for my books to drop. It’s super exciting and nerve-wracking and time-consuming, but very much so worth it. I’m sure I’ve talked about them a bit with you and advertised them here, but just in case you’re unaware, I wanted you to know what exactly it is I’ll be releasing.

Well, I write a lot and have for years. So much so that I have over 200 unpublished pieces. Some of them are better than others. While my full-length book does the agent and traditional publishing circuit, I wanted people to have books of mine they could read and enjoy until the release of the novel — whether it’s the book currently out on query or another one.

I have both a poetry collection, to be haunted, and a short story collection, Plagued Company, slated for release on June 15, 2021.

to be haunted is both parts personal and scary, haunting and beautiful. Poetry was my first language. It was how I learned to say who I was, what I felt, and what I wanted to be. My first collection of poems; some horror, some surreal, all personal. There will be reprints and new pieces never before published.

My first short story collection that includes a novelette, Plagued Company about a sentient suit of armor, and four short stories ranging from fantasy to science fiction and fairytales. A majority of these stories are original to the publication and never before seen. Featuring a wide cast of characters, themes, and genres, Plagued Company is a great way to see my range as a writer and a great starter pack to my less dark and horror-bent stories.

Currently, you can only buy the books through my business’ shop, Three Crows. I’m doing a bit of a slow and quiet release, but there will be some promo work during the launch week. If you want to support me, you can share the shop or the books or grab a copy. I also have some games that will be coming out in August! More on those later, though.

Until then, the latest issue of Anathema Magazine is out with my science fiction poem Come to Me. You can buy an issue or read it for free online.

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