Oh! Look What I Found!—Sentient Houses

Welcome to my monthly blog post (Oh! Look What I Found!), all about shit I found while researching for some creative project. I do a lot of random digging and searching and connecting to try and flesh out my stories, worlds, and characters. Now, I want to share some of it with you!

Stuck in the Middle with You

Last month, I worked on a novelette set in a smart house. and this month I’ve been working on a short story whose main character is a house. The house of a killer who’s kidnapped a new victim. The house and killer have an interesting relationship, you could call it a friendship. But what is a friendship when one of the parties lives and kills inside the other?

Like with researching a character or profession of a character, I’ve been digging into fully automated homes. Smart houses. For some, that might conjure images of a virtual housewife who traps kids in a house, but my house doesn’t have a body or a voice only a massive automated body it uses to give its killer owner everything he wants.

Many automated homes are designed or set up by individuals using products anyone can buy and set up themselves. There are starting to be homes built with full automation built into their construction and controlled by one central assistant. Houses with automated kitchens, bathrooms, lights, security, doors, air, heating, and anything else you can think—even some things you’d never imagine.

The homes that are fully connected, they need to also be connected to you and the items you use. A smart house needs to understand its occupant, the world the occupant lives in, and how the owner feels about the world. Smart homes would be able to detect whether you had a rough day and need a special treat when you get home. It knows exactly when you’ll be home and where you are, in or outside the house.

This type of care is dangerous.

But the people who want these types of homes and design them view this care as necessary, time-saving, and the hoped-for future of us all.

Thanks for swinging by and reading about what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks. I appreciate it. I’d appreciate it even more if you’d consider subscribing to my blog or checking out some of the books, games, and stories I have available for fans, followers, and readers.

And if you have any pictures of cool or dreamy cabins, I’d love to see them. Just drop a comment below and tell me about them! Or better yet, share a picture.

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